Kettering Network Radiologists, Inc.

KNRI is the premier radiology practice in Southwestern Ohio, offering board certified, fellowship trained physician expertise partnered with state-of-the-art Hospital Networks and Imaging Facilities. Our radiologists provide the highest quality patient care and referring physician consultations with excellent results delivery.

Cardiovascular Imaging

Imaging of the cardiovascular system includes exams that study the heart and blood vessels.

KNRI physicians have specialized training in cardiovascular imaging. Our expertise covers the spectrum of imaging, including ultrasound, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, and CT.

Our services to patients in this subspecialty include:

  • CT and CT Angiography
    • Cardiac CT/Coronary CTA
    • CTA Chest (Aorta, Pulmonary Veins)
    • Coronary Calcium Scoring
    • Treatment planning
      • TAVR
      • Endovascular Repair
  • MRI and MR Angiography
    • Cardiac MRI
    • MRA Chest
  • Nuclear Medicine
    • Perfusion and Stress Test Imaging