Focus on the KNRI Strategic Mission

  1. To grow the Practice by recruiting outstanding talent in support of our Referring Physicians
  2. Provide our Referring Physicians and their patients with the highest quality service
  3. Educate our Referring Physicians, Residents and Health Care Leadership on new and emerging technologies and procedures
  4. Continue to be recognized as the preferred provider for imaging diagnosis and the region’s Imaging Service of Choice

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Ronald Fadell, M.D. and Richard McKenzie, M.D. spearhead the leadership of Kettering Network Radiologists, Inc. Each of these physicians has been in the group for two decades and has held both executive and non-executive positions. It is felt that these physicians exemplify the dedication and strong leadership skills needed to lead the group and to meet the goals of Kettering Health Network. Dr. Fadell and Dr. McKenzie possess the tools and the group support necessary to maintain a successful corporation. They have the ability to solve problems and provide proactive leadership.

Medical Executive Committee

In addition to Drs Fadell and McKenzie, the Medical Executive Committee is comprised of the following physicians:

  • Sharal Mall, D.O., Medical Director, Grandview and Southview Hospitals
  • Michael Caccamo, D.O., Medical Director, Greene and Soin Hospitals
  • Joseph Blake, M.D., Treasurer for Kettering Network Radiologists, Inc.
  • Kyle Tharp, M.D., KNRI ‘Member at Large’ representative

The desire of KNRI is to have a unified voice with strong leadership to implement actions necessary to achieve agreed upon goals by the Hospital Administration and KNRI radiologists. The primary objective of the leadership is to bring the group together for continual improvement in clinical services and teaching. We are the flagship radiology group in the area. The radiology services assessment provides a framework to address needed changes and enhancements. KNRI is committed to establishing new services and improving existing services and professional relationships within the facilities we partner with.

Medical Directors

The Medical Directors facilitate the Medical Imaging Department Administrative relationship between each of the major medical facilities. These duties include interfacing with Administration regarding equipment purchasing, operational work-flow, imaging protocols and any personnel issues. The directors meet regularly with the Vice-President in charge of the department to discuss ways to improve the department. The Director also sits of the Medical Executive Committee for the Hospital, meeting with the Hospital Administration and all other departmental Medical Directors every month.

Medical Directors Facilities

Ronald Fadell, M.D.

Kettering and Sycamore Hospitals

Sharal Mall, D.O.

Grandview and Southview Hospitals

Michael Caccamo, D.O.

Greene and Soin Hospitals

Philip Lanham, M.D.

Wayne Healthcare

Sheila Manion, M.D.

Kettering Breast Evaluation Centers
Women’s Imaging Fellowship

Clinical Leadership

KNRI engages the skills of multi-subspecialty trained radiologists to focus on specific areas in the imaging department. These directors hold meetings with the technical staff beginning monthly for a period of six months and then quarterly. The goal of these appointments is to assure quality and improve communication between the radiologists and technologists, as well as to grow and successfully market these services within the Network. KNRI feels this is a major component in successful program operations.

Directors Clinical Service

D.V. Paranjpe, M.D.

Computed Tomography

Robert Lemming, M.D.

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Sheila Manion, M.D.

Breast Imaging

William M. Meyers, D.O.

General Radiology

Richard A. McKenzie, M.D.

Interventional, CT Angiography and Trauma Services

Joseph J. Blake, M.D.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Jerome Puryear, M.D.

Total Quality Improvement